Sports Law

Sporting activities involve numerous situations for which Mediation may be useful. Professional athletes are extremely visible, both due to the high salaries they command and the huge price placed on team franchises. Because of the monetary value placed on such athletes, contract disputes often arise, as well as accusations such as substance abuse, sexual harassment, and unfair practices like the recent “deflate gate” controversy.

Professional athletics, however, is a small part of the athletic scene. Few are aware of how contentious athletics can be at the national or local level. Sporting organizations often have disputes pertaining to the eligibility of an athlete to participate in a specific competition, the outcome of a particular race or match, or disqualifications of athletes based on a variety of circumstances including substance use. Athletes frequently have disputes among themselves or with their coaches that need to be settled.

Time is of the essence in determining the outcome of any of these disputes, and Mediation provides an outstanding forum for all parties to be heard and a determination to be quickly reached.

As a world class athlete himself, Mr. Cohen holds the shot put record at Cambridge University in England, has participated for the United States in the world Maccabi Games, is a record holder in shot put at Harvard University, holds medals in the British Indoor Championships, and is a multiple medalist in National Indoor and Outdoor United States track competitions.

Mr. Cohen is the current Treasurer and immediate Past President of the United States International Speed Skating Charitable Fund, is a former member of the President’s Advisory Board of the United States International Speed Skating Association, and was its legal counsel. He has held the position of President of the Northbrook Bicycle Club, the Northbrook Cycle Committee, and the Northbrook Speed Skating Club. He is the current USATF Masters Midwest Region Coordinator, a member of the USATF Athletes Board of Review, a member of the

USATF Masters Executive Committee and Chair of the USATF Masters Anti-doping and Substance Abuse Committee.

Mr. Cohen has been inducted into the Northbrook Park District Sports Hall of Fame and the East Chicago, Indiana Sports Hall of Fame.

Stephen B. Cohen is sensitive to the concerns of athletes and understands the position of sports management and governing boards. He is dedicated to promoting amicable solutions to problems arising out of sports related activities. Mr. Cohen may be engaged as a Mediator by calling him at 219-836-1171 or 847-530-3637 and by email at