Condominium Mediation

Condominium mediation differs from most other types of conflict resolution in that the parties involved must continue to co-exist in close physical proximity to one another. Quick resolution of disputed issues offers the greatest possibility of maintaining a harmonious living environment. The issues most often causing disputes in condominiums or ownership communities fall into two main categories: disputes among owners and disputes between owners and the condominium board of directors or management.

Disputes between owners can arise from matters as trivial as balcony decor to as serious as flooding in an individual unit cased by water problems in another unit. Neighbor complaints can stem from noise issues or pet problems.

Disputes between owners and management fall into several categories, including construction defects, actions of resident managers, alleged violations of or failure to enforce rules and regulations, claims against the condominium board involving assessments or breach of fiduciary duties, and the rights of non-owner tenants. As a result of amendments to the Indiana Condominium Act, effective July 1, 2015, most condominium disputes in Indiana will require the use of Mediator prior to binding Arbitration or Litigation. As a former condominium board member and an attorney who has represented condominium boars, owners, and developers, Mr. Cohen has the kind of experience necessary to resolve disputes arising out of condominium ownership, condominium rules and regulations and inter personal condominium disputes between condominium owners.

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