Real Estate Mediation

Real Estate Mediation, including Residential and Commercial construction, Development, Purchase and Sale Agreements, Title Insurance disputes, Landlord Tenant disputes, Commercial Lease disputes, Mold Contamination, and related matters are all areas ripe for mediation and the subject matter for Alternative Dispute Resolution.

Some of the Real Estate disputes may arise out of a breach of warranty, fraudulent representations within a contract, sub-contractor’s actions against a General Contractor or Construction Manager for non-payment of a draw request, the inability to lease to a particular vendor due to restrictive language in an anchor tenant’s lease, or situations where a seller covers up an area that might show previous flooding or water damage.

Mr. Cohen has been involved in both residential real estate and commercial real estate matters since he began practicing law. He has experienced firsthand contract disputes, OSHA violations, public lien claims, mechanics lien claims, no lien contract issues, disputes involving architects and engineers, all aspects of condominium and construction law, and most other disputes common to the real estate industry. He is familiar with most of the standard real estate industry building and development contracts (AIA and Design Build), local Bar Association and Realtors purchase and sale agreements, and issues that may be mediated there under.

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